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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilbert Temple Visitor Area

From the Project Manager on the Gilbert Temple:

We were just informed today by the contractor of the Greenfield Rd. widening project that they will be closing the vehicle access from Greenfield Rd. to the temple site, beginning 10/17/11, for approximately 2 weeks.

We are unable to provide vehicular access to the temple visitor areas at all during this closure.  However, there will be pedestrian access at the Greenfield Rd. gate.  Visitors that wish to visit the site during this time will need to find suitable parking offsite and walk (please remain on the dirt area between the new concrete curb and the temple fencing) to the Greenfield Rd. pedestrian access.   For safety’s sake, we would encourage visitors to come after working hours (approx 3 PM) as there will be a substantial amount of work and equipment traffic from the road contractor in this area during working hours.

Once the road work is completed at the Greenfield Rd. access, visitors will then be able to enter from Greenfield Rd. and park at the Visitor Area.