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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The man with the orange vest

OK -- so here is what I know.

I saw a guy with a bright orange construction vest on this morning. His truck was parked in THE field. He was looking around but was all alone. I got curious. So I visited the Maricopa County Assesor web site and clicked parcel maps. I have been doing this frequently since the temple got approved. You see, at this website, you can see who owns what property.

For the last few months, the County parcel maps have shown the owner of the Temple plot as LeSueur Investment. These are the people that originally owned the land. Today, when I checked after seeing the loan construction guy out there, I saw that ownership of that area has now been transferred to the Barney Family Foundation. The description on the papers they filed say they are a "charitable trust that sponsors, funds or assists certain religious, educational or charitable activites or programs..."

Now, eventually, the ownership will have to be listed under the "CORPORATION OF THE PRESIDING BISHOP OF THE TEMPLE CORPORATION OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS" like the other temples. So, my best guess is that this is a transitional ownership or something.

I don't know how all these things work, but I do know that the ownership has changed.

OH -- and I checked this site and they are guessing (unofficially of course) that the groundbreaking is anticipated for the summer of this year.  I have never been so excited for an Arizona Summer!

If anyone knows of other good sources of (reliable) information, send them my way. I was thinking about getting a job with the Town of Gilbert just so I could be privy of current information --then I came to my senses.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well, something is rumbling over on the corner...

Today, as I drove by, I saw three SRP trucks and a bunch of SRP Super Heroes surveying the infamous power lines and the ground around it.

For those of you who don't know, the selected land for the temple is surrounded by big, ugly power lines. Wouldn't look so nice against the pristine temple walls. So, the Church is paying to have all these power lines buried in the ground.

Thus the presence of the SRP Super Heroes.

Now, if only I had the guts of a reporter... I would have stopped for questions and pictures. Alas, I sit here wondering what is next.

Can't wait until the building starts...