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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How it looks today

Looking Northwest, veiwing the corner of Pecos and Greenfield
Drive by cell phone shot of official notice

Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking for a design.

I love the Temple. I love everything about it.

So when I thought of starting this blog, I really wanted a background, ect. that expressed that love of the temple. Unfortunately, searching through the myriads of adorable plaids and polka dots, I just couldn't find a background that matched the specialness of this blog.

So, I am putting this out there to the blog community...

I need someone to donate a background, etc for this blog. Something beautiful and peaceful, just like the temple. If more than one come in, I will put it to a vote (on my other blog) as to which one to use. The "winning" design will be displayed here for as long as this blog remains active. And, the designer will be able to put a button at the bottom of this page... it will be the ONLY non-LDS link on this blog.

Are there any takers? Anyone creative enough for the challenge? Shoot me an email kathysblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

About This Blog...

Welcome to The Gilbert LDS Temple Blog.
(I can not and do not speak for the church.)

About a month ago we purchased a home. A beautiful home in Gilbert Arizona. It just so happens that the new temple that is going to be built in this city will be located fairly close to us. Well, ok, in our backyard!!!!

I can't express how completely over-the-top-euphoric I am about this. We knew it was a strong possibility when we were looking at buying this home, but zoning hadn't yet gone through. I wanted to wait until there was VISUAL proof that this was going to happen. I also wanted to visually track the progress of the building of the temple.

I don't want to detract from its sacredness or have this become an opinion blog. Therefore, comments will not be allowed on this blog. If someone would like to email me directly, I would welcome happy and friendly comments that way.

Here is the plan. I will be taking pictures each week (once construction starts) and from time to time before then, mostly from my home, of the OUTSIDE construction progress of this fantastic building. I am doing this for my personal family history and posting it here for friends who have requested it. If I get really motivated, I might do it daily at the same time so we can put together a time lapse slide show.

There will be very little, if any, commentary from me in regards to the progress. I don't know anything official about the temple. I have no connections, speculations or information. I will share with you only what I see from my windows or from a nearby corner.
Right now, it is only an empty lot with a "public hearing" sign posted. So it will be a while before things really start moving. But add this blog to your blog roll so you can be sure to see when it is updated. You should be able to set the feed settings to email you when there is a new post.

So that is it!!! I will keep you all posted.